Heat Pumps For Home Heating and Cooling in New Jersey

Here’s how heat pump systems work, the benefits they bring, and what homeowners should consider before making the transition from conventional air conditioners to a modern heat pump solution. New Jersey’s Recent Push Toward Electric Heat Pumps Given the recent push by New Jersey officials to promote electric heat pumps as a more sustainable alternative … Read more

How do I know if my HVAC has a coolant leak?

What is a Coolant Leak? A coolant leak in your HVAC system refers to the loss of refrigerant, which is responsible for cooling the air that circulates inside your home. Freon is the refrigerant commonly used in household hvac systems. The Freons areĀ colorless, odorless, nonflammable, noncorrosive gases or liquids that were introduced as refrigerants in … Read more

Debunking Airflow Myths And The Truth About Closing Air Vents

Is Energy Conserved by Closing Air Vents? Shutting air vents does not conserve energy. This common misconception leads homeowners to believe that by closing vents in unused rooms, they can reduce their energy consumption and lower utility bills. This isn’t how HVAC systems actually operate. Understanding HVAC Efficiency HVAC systems are designed to distribute air … Read more

Ductless Heating Systems Guide For A Comfortable NJ Home

Whether you’re considering an upgrade to your existing system or starting from scratch, this exploration of ductless heating solutions will provide valuable insights into their benefits and functionality. These are the future of efficient, cost-effective, and quality-controlled heating and cooling. Understanding Ductless Heating Systems What are Ductless Heating Systems? Ductless heating systems, ductless mini-splits or … Read more

Choosing the Right Furnace: Repair or Replacement?

Investing in a new furnace can seem like a big expense, but its high energy efficiency could potentially decrease your energy bills in the long run. This is especially true if your current furnace has a low annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), meaning it’s not converting fuel into heat as effectively as it should be. … Read more

Maximizing Furnace Efficiency in Winter with Expert Tips

Furnace Efficiency maintenance tips for Ocean and Monmouth County Residence

Beachwood Air is known for our prompt, reliable, and affordable HVAC installation, heating and furnace repairs, and maintenance, and we often share practical advice on how homeowners can ensure their furnace is running at peak efficiency. From simple maintenance tasks you can perform yourself to the benefits of scheduling a professional tune-up, we can help. … Read more

Signs Your Furnace Needs Attention Before Winter

As time goes on, potential issues can come up with your furnace, including those that could lead to higher energy bills or even dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s important for New Jersey homeowners to understand the importance of a clean heating system filter and to be able to recognize when your furnace might be working … Read more

How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

Neglecting filter changes can lead to decreased HVAC performance, higher energy costs, and potential system malfunctions. Therefore, adhere to manufacturer recommendations and consider factors like household pets, allergies, and system usage when determining the frequency of filter replacements. This piece plays an important role in both preserving an ideal temperature and safeguarding the purity of … Read more