Furnace and Heating System Maintenance in New Jersey

Annual furnace inspections provide an opportunity for one of our HVAC technicians to check for any signs of wear and tear, to test the system’s efficiency, and to make any necessary adjustments or repairs.

These yearly tune–ups are a simple, affordable way to help ensure that your system will work properly throughout the heating season. Therefore, the best time to schedule an annual maintenance visit is just before the heating season starts.

During these hvac service visits, we perform a thorough examination of your entire furnace, starting with basic components like the gas connections, electrical systems, and filters, We also check your heat exchanger, test all of the thermostats, run safety checks on all switches and check to ensure your entire heating system is ready to operate by turning it on and testing all of the systems.

If you haven’t scheduled your yearly furnace maintenance exam, call Beachwood Air today to set up an appointment.

Protect Your Investment with Annual Maintenance

Prior to the winter season, make sure your heating system is performing at optimal capacity with furnace maintenance in the Toms River Area from Beachwood Air. Our qualified HVAC technicians have the tools and training needed to provide annual inspections, tune-ups, and maintenance for all types and brands of furnaces.

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Neglecting Maintenance Can Be Expensive

A lack of maintenance can lead to reduced efficiency and unexpected breakdowns. This can result in higher home heating costs and more frequent repair bills. Your furnace may not last as long as it should, if maintenance is skipped for several years, and may need to be replaced sooner. There are many advantages to annual furnace maintenance.

The benefits of furnace maintenance include:

  • Fewer unexpected repairs
  • Better efficiency and lower heating costs
  • Possibly extending equipment life
  • Checking for proper airflow to prevent damage to your furnace
  • Preventing leaks and rising carbon monoxide levels

In addition to the many reasons to perform regular maintenance, an annual tune-up protects your manufacturer’s warranty. Furnace manufacturers will often void the warranty when the equipment is not regularly maintained. This could be very expensive for you if your furnace breaks down and the warranty does not cover the repair. Protect your investment with regular furnace maintenance in the Toms River Area from Beachwood Air.

Servicing All Major Brands

Our licensed HVAC technicians are skilled at performing heating services and maintenance on furnaces from all leading manufacturers. We carefully inspect your furnace for signs of trouble, check the safety controls, gas line, remove and clean burners, clean and adjust the pilot, fan switch, and other components to ensure that everything is operating safely and efficiently. Minor problems can be repaired during maintenance visits to prevent equipment failure.

Gas Furnace vs. Electric Furnace

Over their long history, furnaces have used many types of fuel, from wood and coal to liquid propane. However, the majority of residential furnaces today either run from natural gas or electricity. When it’s time for a furnace replacement or installation, which type should you choose?

Gas furnace: This is the more common choice for homes, mostly because gas furnaces have immense heating power (enough to overcome even extremely drafty homes) and the cost of natural gas is lower than that of electricity. However, a home must have a gas line in order to use a gas furnace.

Electric furnace: An electric furnace is a flexible alternative for heating homes that don’t have natural gas connections. There are a few other benefits that electric furnaces offer, such as longer lifespans and less expensive initial installations.

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If you are having trouble choosing, don’t worry. Our installers will see that you end up with the exact right kind and size of furnace to meet your winter warmth needs. We specialize in energy efficient comfort systems.

Furnace Installation, Maintenance & Repair in Ocean County, NJ

You don’t want to spend a winter worrying if the furnace will keep working until the weather thaws out. For peace of mind, you should always arrange for our technicians to inspect and tune–up your furnace each fall. This not only helps a furnace make it through the coming season, but also extends equipment life, protects energy efficiency, and keeps the system operating safely.

If your furnace starts to show signs that it isn’t working the way it should—or if it stops working altogether—you can reach us any time of the day or night to arrange for repair service. (Never try to repair a furnace on your own, especially a gas furnace.) If you need new furnace installation, we are here for that as well.

We’re Furnace Service Experts

Beachwood Air is a family–owned business with decades of experience warming up homes in Toms River and the surrounding areas. It’s not just our job, it’s our pleasure to provide service to your current furnace or arrange for installation of a new one. All of our technicians are dedicated to doing each job right the first time. It’s our special level of customer service and personalized attention that has kept us successful. We treat everyone with respect and try to solve problems with one call.

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Beachwood Air is the Jersey Shore’s Heating Expert

A heating system needs to provide comfort, and in Ocean County, New Jersey, it’s important to be reliable. It’s not enough to simply replace an existing system. We listen to your goals and learn about your lifestyle before suggesting a heating system that’s custom-designed for your home or business, your budget, and your unique needs.

We understand the value of safe, reliable equipment and heating services you can trust. Our technicians have the training and experience to keep your systems working effectively and efficiently so you don’t have to give them a second thought.

Our professional team has decades of experience installing and servicing all types of heating systems including heat pumps, mini-splits, gas furnaces, and boilers. We also install and service hybrid systems, combining a heat pump and a gas furnace to give you the most efficient heating solution for your New Jersey home.

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