Air Conditioning Replacement in New Jersey

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When should you consider an air conditioning replacement? We can tell you that waiting for your system to break down entirely is not the best option. This could lead you to rush into your next AC purchase and with today’s supply chain issues, you might be stuck waiting a long time for a system that’s the right fit for your home. 

An air conditioner should last about 10–15 years if it’s well maintained. If your system is approaching this age and showing signs of trouble, it’s likely time to start considering an upgrade. These signs include:

  • Lack of Airflow
  • Higher Than Average Energy Bills
  • Loud and Unfamiliar Noises
  • Lack of Cooling Power

Find the Right AC Unit with the Help of the Right Team!

Summers are getting longer and hotter according to a study published by Geophysical Research Letters journal. You’ll definitely notice the temperature difference if you have an air conditioner that isn’t working well. Don’t let the rising heat of summer catch you off guard. Make sure your air conditioner is working at peak efficiency by trusting Beachwood Air to help.

We offer air conditioner repair for systems that have some life left in them, as well as full air conditioner replacement services when your AC is acting up or breaks down completely. Our licensed and certified technicians provide the highest quality service for your peace of mind.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Unit Needs to Be Replaced

Your air conditioner will give you several (subtle and not so subtle) clues that something may be wrong when it isn’t functioning as it should. Never disregard these warning signs since doing so could be the difference between a comfortable house with a controlled temperature and one that puts your family’s health and safety at risk. Air conditioner repairs might help your cooling system hold out a little while longer, or it may be time to replace it completely.

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Warm Air

The fact that warm air is coming from your vent isn’t necessarily a serious problem because your AC needs time to acclimatize. But if it takes your air conditioner more than a minute or two to start blowing cool air, it could be time to call us.

Insufficient Airflow

The temperature in every room of your house or business will noticeably shift once the air from your AC starts to circulate. You’ll have rooms that are freezing or places that don’t become as cool as others if there isn’t enough airflow. Our AC installation experts aim to assist you in achieving uniform air distribution.

Frequent Cycles

Frequent cycling, also known as short cycling, is a key indicator that your air conditioner may need to be replaced. This means that even though the temperature inside hasn’t changed, your AC keeps running to maintain the desired temperature. It’s possible that you need to replace your AC unit because of a problem.

High Humidity

Your decision to replace your current air conditioner may be significantly influenced by humidity. Why? Your older AC unit could overwork to make up for interior humidity levels over 50%. Uneven cooling and system wear can be the result. Let us assess your needs and recommend and install an upgraded AC unit.

Water Leaks

Any leaks coming from your air conditioner need to be fixed by a qualified technician since they indicate a disruption in the usual cooling cycle. Leaks can result in mold growth as well as unpleasant scents and wetness. Allow our experts in air conditioning installation to handle everything.

Bad Smells

Bad odors coming from your air conditioner indicate the presence of germs and moisture, which creates the ideal conditions for the growth of mold and bacteria. Our AC installation experts are prepared to find the problem and fix it as soon as possible if your air conditioner emits a bad smell.

Unusual Noises

There are several potential causes for an AC to create strange noises like clanging, slamming, clicking, or buzzing, and they are all bad. Our experts in air conditioning installation will determine the cause of these noises, rectify it, and suggest the best course of action.

Higher Energy Bills

High energy costs alone may not always indicate that your air conditioner is in need of repair. However, a considerable rise in energy bills may be a clue that your AC needs to be changed since it is struggling to adapt to temperature changes. Our professionals are prepared to inspect your air conditioner and identify the problem.

Recurring Issues

Your wallet and patience may be suffering as a result of a broken air conditioner. When you are ready to install a new air conditioner, we can help you determine if the cost of repairs is higher than the cost of a full replacement.

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